MSP: parking old assumptions and growing revenue

The opening of the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport’s new parking ramp coincided with an unfortunate downturn in the global economy, accompanied by a subsequent decrease in overall air travel.

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| Research

Good decisions begin with information. But successful outcomes are based on insight. Our research team delivers both.

We are one of a handful of public relations firms that offers a bona fide research capability. That's how strongly we believe in the power of fact-based insight. This Left Brain/Right Brain approach can help redefine your brand, manage your workforce, launch a new product and test a new design. By listening carefully to what customers, employees, suppliers and others have to say about your organization, your products and the way you do business, you get answers you need to make confident communications investments.

Our skills and tools for primary and secondary research, from project design to recommendations, include:
  • Database searches
  • In-depth interviews (one-on-one)
  • Content analysis (media relations/message evaluation)
  • Intercepts
  • Focus groups (traditional or online)
  • Surveys and polls (telephone or online)
  • Data analysis (basic statistics and multivariate analysis, such as regression and cluster segmentation)
  • Program measurement and evaluation

Before you jump into a communications or marketing strategy, consider what you don't know and how much more effective the outcome would be if you knew it all. Padilla Speer Beardsley's research team can take you there.

Investor and Corporate Relations

From IPOs to Fortune 500s, companies trust us to build strong relationships with stakeholders and to convey their story strategically to Wall Street.
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