Extinguishing a crisis that
engulfed an acoustics company

In the wake of the Rhode Island nightclub fire that killed dozens of concert-goers The New York Times named an acoustics manufacturer as a possible source of the material that appeared to burn so quickly.

Other Case Studies

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How We Can Help


| Manage a Crisis

When a crisis breaks, some outsiders are only too eager to capitalize on your tough times, potentially ruining your company's hard-earned reputation in the process. At Padilla Speer Beardsley, our crisis and critical issues PR team helps businesses and individuals plan for worst-case scenarios, to help mitigate the damage if a crisis occurs. We also stand ready to respond to unforeseen events 24/7, providing the air cover and expertise to help launch your counter-campaign. We wish you didn’t need us, but we're glad we can help.

Issues we’ve handled:

  • International cattle-feed company investigation by Canadian authorities in connection with mad cow disease
  • E. coli contamination at local restaurants
  • Worker death from on-site accident
  • Missing person's case and criminal manhunt
  • Well-water contamination accusations
  • Attorneys’ general investigations for records irregularities
  • Insider trading, securities fraud and other regulatory violations
  • Disgruntled former employee lawsuits
  • Product recalls
  • Sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sex discrimination lawsuits
  • Ongoing, high-profile medical malpractice lawsuits

Investor and Corporate Relations

From IPOs to Fortune 500s, companies trust us to build strong relationships with stakeholders and to convey their story strategically to Wall Street.
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