We are guided in business and in
life by four principles:

Be our best

Act with integrity and respect

Keep learning

Lead clients and deliver results

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Shared Expectations
A great relationship begins with agreed-upon objectives and shared expectations. Here's what you can expect from us, and what will allow us to be our best for you.

Tested Methods
You need to communicate with your audiences in a way that's consistent, memorable and motivating. That requires messages that don't just "sound good," but also are designed to change behavior. Padilla Speer Beardsley has developed proven methodologies for arriving at compelling, action-oriented messaging, including Communicating for ActionSM, Brand Builder and Message Pyramid. We leverage our highly experienced research team to uncover audience hot buttons, assess reaction to your story, and fine-tune your approach if needed.

Above and Beyond Service
No surprises. It's the cornerstone of our client service commitment. That's why each new client engagement begins with a Getting Started Meeting to uncover special needs, pet peeves — and who does or doesn't need chocolate on a tight deadline. It addresses objectives, success measurements and how to resolve conflicts when they arise. We check in at the 100-day mark and, down the road, offer an opportunity to review our performance with a third party. This, plus the daily give-and-take of our working relationship, helps hold us accountable for continuous improvement.

Cohesive Client Teams
We are your advocates. Your eyes and ears. Your partners. You can expect that our senior leaders will be actively involved in your business. Specialists will be available when you need them, and you will have a dedicated day-to-day contact. Many of our employee-owners have been together for more than a dozen years. Our clients appreciate the continuity.

Informed Decisions
PR programs with real impact begin with informed decisions. You'll predict results better and measure success with more precision when you've collected your information from the right source. Whatever the tools — focus groups, surveys, database searches — we find and use real information that validates your hunch, or points you to a magic bullet.

Financial Flexibility
Some clients like retainers, some prefer project budgets, and others don't care. Neither do we. We'll work together to determine what fee structure works best.

Crisis and Critical Issues Management

Prepare your organization to deal with any worst-case scenario. And if a crisis arises - day or night - our emergency experts are just a phone call away.
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