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Spreading the news about a start-up company that save lives

CHF Solutions launched a breakthrough device that could significantly reduce the number of congestive heart-failure patients hospitalized each year. The start-up company's ultra-filtration system relieves the fluid overload that often occurs with this all-too-common condition.

The American College of Cardiology selected CHF's study of the device for a late-breaking clinical trial session and press conference. Padilla Speer Beardsley designed a campaign that captured broad media coverage for the cardiologists' announcement, spreading the news of CHF's product to an estimated 150 million people.

More than 200 journalists attended the press conference on the clinical results. A standing-room only crowd of 600 physicians attended the formal presentation of the data. More than 300 stories about CHF's device were published in 46 states, and 17 television and radio stations nationwide carried the news. Online placements included WebMD and MSN Health & Fitness.

The company's Web site traffic increased a thousand-fold the day after the announcement and now averages three times more visitors than before. CHF Solutions also has exceeded its sales goals and has a strong pipeline of leads.

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