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Educating lawmakers and building partnerships for BASF

From Georgia's forests to California's coastline, invasive plant species today threaten the habitat of native wildlife, including many endangered animals. As the U.S. Congress prepared to reform the federal Endangered Species Act, Padilla Speer Beardsley worked with BASF to educate lawmakers about the value of eradicating aggressive vegetation.

BASF Professional Vegetation Management offers several chemical products that control invasive plants with no harm to wildlife. BASF and Padilla staffers organized a Congressional briefing on the issue of invasive-species management and invited other stakeholders - including conservation and wildlife groups - to participate in the discussion.

The briefing room was filled to capacity, with several key Congressional staffers present. Early drafts of the resulting ESA Reauthorization Bill contained language provided by BASF and its wildlife and conservation partners. Academic professionals and activist groups subsequently invited BASF representatives to speak to their members and to collaborate on research projects.

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