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Re-branding a company for its ascent to the national marketplace

Ascend, a technology and business-service provider for medical practices, wanted to elevate its profile as a national competitor and expand its customer base to include specialists such as cardiologists and radiologists.

First, Ascend needed a distinctive and consistent brand identity, along with a repackaging of its service portfolio. Ascend put Padilla Speer Beardsley on the case.

We conducted customer research and competitive analyses to ascertain Ascend's perceived strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace. We then conceived VirtualSUITES as the new brand name for Ascend's package of services, and designed a new logo, corporate brochure and Web site.

We announced the new brand via direct mail, targeting practice administrators and office managers. The "Coffee Break" campaign included a VirtualSUITES mug, specialty coffee and a brochure. Over the next year, the company saw its business grow by 15 percent, exceeding its expectations.

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