Trade Show Navigator
"The Trade Show Navigator has strengthened the RCG brand nationwide by helping our company maintain a more thoroughly planned and consistently executed trade show presence."

John P. Heslin,
Senior Vice President, RCG Information Technology

Tired of spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of staff hours on trade shows that yield few results? PSB's Trade Show Navigator can help your company streamline and maximize its trade show marketing effort.

What is PSB's Trade Show Navigator?
PSB's Trade Show Navigator is a customizable guidebook and training session that helps companies strategically leverage their trade show participation for maximum marketing impact.
The 60-page guide and accompanying workshop cover topics that include the basics of trade show planning, show selection, strategic promotion, booth personnel training and lead capturing. The Trade Show Navigator will help your company answer such questions as:

And many more ...

How does it work?
The Trade Show Navigator and accompanying training workshop guides organizations through a comprehensive system of planning, execution, booth staffing and evaluation. The Navigator is customized to meet an organization's specific marketing and/or sales objectives. Planning strategy, tactics and message content are individually developed for each organization and its business needs.

How can it benefit my company?
PSB's Trade Show Navigator helps organizations gain real value out of their trade show investment. It helps companies:

To learn more about PSB's Trade Show Navigator, contact Kathy Burnham, Vice President, at [email protected] or at 612-872-3744.

What does it Cost?
As a complete turnkey package customized for your organization, the Trade Show Navigator and training session costs between $5,000 - $7,500, depending on an organization's specific needs. PSB also can provide counsel on individual Navigator "chapters" - such as planning or promotion - budgeted on a project basis.

Sample Trade Show Planning Worksheet
Check out this
sample worksheet from the PSB Trade Show Navigator handbook. Print it out and use it at your next trade show.

Sample Worksheet (PDF 16k)