MeganMcQueen28: Late night Mac & Cheese and Tash.0. The perfect way to cap the night!

MeganMcQueen28: And the goodbye continues....! (@ Williams Uptown Pub & Peanut Bar w/ 8 others)

MeganMcQueen28: Goodbye party for @jennygensch at our SPOT (@ Social House w/ 4 others)

MeganMcQueen28: Date night before Genschie's going away party! (@ Chiang Mai Thai w/ 3 others)

MeganMcQueen28: I'm at Braemar Arena (7501 Ikola Way, Edina)

MeganMcQueen28: Last week Ted peed a over me; today a dog got Ted's head. I would call it karma but I have to deal w/ it either way #dogproblems

MeganMcQueen28: RT @webertom1: City of Lakes Loppet moved to Wirth Park -- HUGE: Luminary Loppet continues, but as a HIKING event (not skiing): http://t ...

MeganMcQueen28: RT @AlisonsCleaning: Moving out at the end of the month? Alison’s Cleaning does move in and move out cleans to get your old or new spot ...

MeganMcQueen28: I'm at Salut Bar Americain (5034 France Ave S, Minneapolis)

JPScally: RT @ESOF2012: Dublin City of Science Highlights Thriving Scientific Community in Ireland #dub2012 #esof2012 @dubsc ...

MeganMcQueen28: Best part of my day was the Fit Friendly Fruit Friday @padillaspeer ! Can't get enough Cuties, strawberries and raspberries!

MeganMcQueen28: @greenpickle52 @ninjanato HIIII Team! Aren't you supposed to be singing not tweeting in singers!? See you tonight! I feel good things comin'

padillaspeer: RT @KirstenLG: 7 things PR pros should know about the shifting media landscape:

padillaspeer: RT @KirstenLG: Looking forward to #Cupcakes with @nmzheng @CaseySperzel and @MsChiefJustice tomorrow!

KirstenLG: Looking forward to #Cupcakes with @nmzheng @CaseySperzel and @MsChiefJustice tomorrow!