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Interesting Investor Relations Web Sites

Whether you're an investor relations professional or an investor, you'll want to check out these links to IR and other financial services sites:

ADP StreetLink (www.streetlink.com)

For ADP's clients. Lists financial reports, corporate reports, annual reports and other newsworthy items.

Nasdaq (www.nasdaq.com)

Information on all Nasdaq-listed companies. We find the ability to obtain historical price information and charts to be especially helpful.

DBC Online (www.dbc.com)

One of the leading providers of real-time market data for the individual investor. Very complete service allows you to track your own personal portfolios. You can even trade stocks through this site.

Dilbert Zone (www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert)

Hey! Everyone's got to have some fun. As Dilbert says, "It's better than working!"

Business Wire (www.businesswire.com)

Lists headlines and news of the day and has hot links for cool corporate web sites.

EDGAR Online (www.edgar-online.com/pointcast/search)

There are numerous EDGAR sites; this one is thorough and easy to use.

New York Stock Exchange (www.nyse.com)

Interesting information on the exchange, but we wish they had more historical information on NYSE-listed companies.

National Investor Relations Institute (www.niri.org)

An excellent resource for investor relations professionals. Provides links to other interesting sites.

American Stock Exchange (www.amex.com)

Thorough information on listed companies.

PC Quote (www.pcquote.com)

Provides fast, real-time stock quote feeds for professional and individual investors.

PRNewswire (www.prnewswire.com)

Provides immediate news on corporations worldwide.


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