Precision requires excellent technique. That’s how we approach our work, and, as you’ll discover, it’s what sets us apart.

Client satisfaction

No surprises — it’s the cornerstone of PSB client service. That’s why each new client engagement begins with a Getting Started meeting to uncover special needs, pet peeves — and who does or doesn’t need chocolate. The meeting covers the basics like your objectives, success measurements and how to resolve conflicts when they arise. Built into client relations is a formal Client Satisfaction Survey from our chairman, Lynn Casey. It’s not intended to replace one-to-one feedback, but it will help you hold us accountable.

Client-focused account teams

When you begin with PSB, you’ll meet a team of people you can call "yours." Your advocates. Your eyes and ears. Your partners. It includes senior leaders who will be actively involved in your account, specialists available when you need them and a dedicated day-to-day contact.

Informed decisions

PR programs with real impact begin with informed decisions. You’ll predict results better and measure success with more precision when you’ve collected your information from the right source. Whatever the tools — focus groups, surveys, database searches — we find and use real information that validates your hunch, or points you to a magic bullet.

Communicating For Action(SM)

Communicators succeed when their activities are focused on driving business goals. Communicating For Action(SM) is a proprietary PSB strategic planning tool that will help you build support for an aggressive plan and channel your communication investments toward the results you want. We’ll hone in on the people important to your success and build an action-oriented plan that will move people beyond awareness to the behaviors you want.

Flexible billing

From project billings to retainers to straight billable hours against a budget, we’ll work together to determine what level of detail and fee structure works best for you.