Step 1 Alignment

What specifically are you trying to accomplish? Do all your internal stakeholders agree? We’ll help you define a targeted goal, build consensus and plan communication activity to create the action you want.

Step 2 Research

Who are the people important to your success? We’ll help you identify the most important publics and understand the attitudes, norms and barriers that affect your probability of success.

Step 3 Make informed decisions

Armed with relevant data we’ll help you make better communication investments. You'll discover the best methods to reach people, which messages are most important and what tactical tools are most efficient for your publics.

Step 4 Build action plans

Getting the word out is only part of the task. Successful plans account for three critical stages of behavior. Know — awareness/interest, Try — evaluation/trial, and Act — adoption. The plan will include strategies for using existing channels and tactics, as well as new techniques specific to the challenges of each stage.

Step 5 Incorporate triggers to action

Many times, people are willing to "try" but are not compelled to act. We’ll help you make use of existing triggers and invent new ones to motivate your publics to action.

Step 6 Build in rewards, evaluation

Delivering on your promise might be enough to make the experience with your organization rewarding. We believe it’s worth the energy to develop specific reward strategies to encourage publics to be supportive again and again. And evaluating your efforts formally will help you hone your approach going forward.