Executive Media Coaching

Your company is in the news. A television reporter is on the way over to interview you. What do you do?

In today's media-saturated world, appearance is reality. That's why hoping that everything works out for the best is too risky. To your company's reputation and to your career.

The only responsible thing to do is prepare. No matter what circumstance prompted the interview, this is an opportunity to tell your company's story. And you can do a better job of telling that story when you understand how the news media work, what motivates reporters, what makes news, and how you and your company are already part of the story.

What We Cover

  • The value of media interviews
  • The risks of media interviews
  • What reporters want
  • How reporters work to get what they want
  • Articulating your key messages
  • Techniques for managing your portion of the interview
  • Responding to difficult and sensitive questions
  • Important differences between print and broadcast
  • Special techniques used in the so-called "ambush interview"
  • Evaluating your performance

What We Do

PSB provides practical, hands-on media coaching geared to your circumstances. We set up cameras so you become familiar with the experience. We shoot videotape and show you what you look like. But mainly, we prepare you to be yourself. We have a simple manifesto: always tell the truth. But be sure the truth is told - and understood - from your point of view.

We do this wherever it works best for you. Your place or ours. We require one meeting in advance to gather information about your organization, your market, your industry, as well as to discuss the experience levels of the people who will be involved.

We've coached hundreds of executives and professionals, ranging from Fortune 100 CEOs to not-for-profit volunteers. Many of them faced situations unique to their organizations and had little time to prepare. What we've learned by helping them benefits you.

PSB's approach to media coaching is to provide you with a customized session appropriate to your specific situation, whether you're preparing for a single interview, a multi-city national tour - or explaining a calamity.

Contact Paul Omodt at [email protected] for more information on Executive Media Coaching.