Books As Marketing Tools

Marketing your product or expertise to the public is no longer as easy as it used to be. Traditional marketing methods donít seem to break you free from the pack. You need an innovative approach to connect to your target audience. It may surprise you that one of the freshest marketing approaches is also one of the most timeless and proven: publishing a book.

Our Books As Marketing Tools program is a unique, cost-effective marketing method to generate significant brand awareness and credibilty within targeted audiences.

How Can I Write a Book?

Leave the work to us. With PSB at your side, you'll be surprised at just how easy it is. We're with you through the whole process:

  • Concept, Visualization and Guidance
  • Design and Photography
  • Writing and Editing
  • Registration and Copyrights
  • Printing and Production
  • Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Complete Marketing Programs

Why This Program?

Minimal time investment. Minimal dollars spent. Major benefits and value.

A book builds your credibility, helps you retain customers and increases the value of your relationships. It's a dynamic sales tool that creates instant brand recognition and validates your expertise. It establishes you as a leader in your marketplace and community and reinforces your company's cultural stature. It clearly communicates your vision and educates your target audience on the benefits of your product or expertise. A book speaks volumes.

Industry Expertise

TBM Consulting Group captured the essence of its lean culture in a new book PSB helped title: The Perfect Engine. Now a global industry standard, TBM has leveraged the book to grow its business around the world through training seminars titled "QPE...The Quest for the Perfect Engine."

Book Marketing in Action

RoperASW, a leading global marketing research and consulting firm, capstoned its recent consumer research into a new marketing concept and produced The Influentials. The book is about a segment of the population that is now driving consumer behavior. Released under the name of Roper CEO Ed Keller, the book was widely publicized in the marketing and advertising media and has led to RoperASW "owning" the new paradigm which has stirred its business..."Influential Marketing."

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