Informed Decisions Increase Effectiveness

Undefined problems have an infinite number of solutions. The PSB research team helps business managers define their problems, make informed decisions about solutions and weave the information into effective public relations programs.

To us, research really isn’t about obscure facts and number-crunching. It’s about using information to make good decisions. We’ll help you turn information into action by applying traditional and contemporary research tools to help you understand the unknown. And we’ll make specific suggestions about what action to take. From measuring your employee satisfaction to getting critical feedback from industry leaders, PSB research delivers an information advantage.

With the speed of the Internet and the ever-increasing battle for your attention, accurate and timely information has never been more critical to communication. PSB research is skilled and experienced in applying primary and secondary research, including:

in-depth personal interviews

content (message) analysis

surveys — online, telephone, intercept or paper

focus groups — both online and face-to-face settings

concept testing

Using these tools, we deliver insight that leads to more powerful messages, more effective strategies and better business practices for measuring results.

With PSB research you won’t get a mountain of paper that hits your desk with a "thud." We’ll cut to the most salient information, and suggest specific actions that will help your business. Data into strategy, strategy into tactics and tactics into results.

Case Studies

"Measuring Success in PR," by David Kistle, Senior Vice President

* Excerpt from: Inside the Minds: Open C-Suite Doors, Communication Kyes From the Lumin Collaborative