The Art and Science of Storytelling

At PSB, we succeed at media relations because we never forget that we’re advocates — both for our clients and the news media. We understand what motivates journalists and what they need to know to do their jobs effectively. At the same time, we know how to find the client stories that will be most appealing to the media.

A dedicated team of specialists— many former journalists — maintain close working relationships with journalists and news organizations all over the country. We work daily with reporters and editors at national newspapers, consumer magazines, business and trade publications, wire services, network TV, national cable networks, radio stations and on the Internet, as well as with local and regional media. Our New York City office, established in 1962, provides us with a front-row seat in the nation's media capital. And we provide practical media coaching of executives and spokespeople to prepare them for interviews and live appearances.

You’ll find that PSB media relations practitioners approach every assignment strategically. Whether it's a comprehensive national campaign to launch a new product or a single story placement in a highly targeted media outlet, we think through each aspect of the process and build strategies and tactics that succeed.

The bottom line is simple — there is no substitute for experience. It takes specialists to understand the precision of handling hard news, and the subtle art of crafting soft news stories. Whether it's trade shows or store openings, a new product launch or special event, we have the depth and experience to execute. And we’ll help you confidently handle a plant explosion, a change in CEO, a hostile takeover, a sharp decline in stock price and even a product recall.

Case Studies

"PSB's knowledge of the local and national media has helped us build and sustain our corporate image. Their expertise in corporate and consumer public relations has greatly improved our strategic media relations, and PSB's long relationship with Fingerhut and knowledge of our industry has made them our first choice for public relations counsel."

Ben Saukko
Public Relations Manager
Fingerhut Corp.