Achieving Excellence Through Specialization

One key to writing well, according to novelist Elmore Leonard, is to "try to leave out all the parts readers skip." If only it were that easy. Writing — good writing — requires experience, creativity and commitment. Traits you’ll find among members of the award-winning PSB writing practice.

Consider the most compelling copy you’ve ever read. Did it grab your attention by accident? Not likely. That’s why the PSB writing practice, whatever the project, works to define your audience, messages, objectives and outcomes — before we even begin to write. Is audience education the only objective? Or is there a required action or behavior? Good writing conforms to the specific, strategic need.

We use a variety of tools to achieve a polished, powerful and accurate end-product, including robust research methodologies and insightful interviewing. The PSB standard is copy that sings no matter its format: news releases, white papers, bylined articles, sales collateral, speeches, annual reports or Web copy.

Words shouldn’t be commodities. Proper words in proper places engage readers, make them think, and move them to act in ways that support your objectives. The PSB writing practice guarantees you’ll never be at a loss for the right words.