Putting the "I" in Integrated Communications

You don’t need to be transacting business online to be
interactive. Success in the connected age requires tightly integrated offline and online marketing and communications strategies. And as each day passes, success is less about design, and more about fresh, relevant, usable information. Content is king. PSB’ s interactive team leads clients toward action-oriented programs, including:

Creating an e-centric strategy for internal or external communication

Building community and dialogue among customers or constituents

Developing loyal subscriber-based e-mail communities with permission marketing programs

Launching viral programs to encourage others to spread the e-word

Communications on the Internet has moved beyond online to InterAction. The PSB interactive team builds strategies to people move from awareness . . . to trial . . . to interaction in real time. Because when you create interaction, you can achieve a much higher return on your communications investment.

Ultimately, we look to answer the question: If you build it, will they commune? Once we understand what motivates your audiences and what behavior we want from them, we’ll get them to register on your site and respond to your e-mail. And we’ll get them to do it again and again!

Taking the behavior-based Communicating For InterAction approach saves you time and cost by avoiding creating Web sites that are corporate shrines or e-mail programs that enrage rather than engage your target audiences. Web sites, intranets, e-mail marketing, Webcasts, Webinars, online pressrooms, e-letters, e-cards — these are the tools we use to put the "I" into integrated communications.

Let PSB’s interactive team drive a better return with interactive online communication.

Case Studies

"As a builder of corporate online universities for the Fortune 500, we help organizations build learners for life. PSB’ s process, Communicating for interAction, has become a fundamental part of our offering as we help organizations approach their e-learning initiatives as ventures in change management."

Paul Tobin
Chairman and EVP of LogicBay