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Eva Keiser, APR

Stephen Covey says highly effective people make it a habit to "begin with the end in mind." The PSB manufacturing specialty team knows the same is true for business-to-business selling in industrial environments. Your PR should construct new competitive advantages or amplify those that are already in place.

To grade your business-to-business outcomes — from new-product introductions to increased market share — the PSB manufacturing specialty holds PR accountable to two basic but critical standards:

Is it playing a strategically relevant role within your overall marketing plan?

Can we prove it shapes behaviors and causes actions that drive business to your door?

The same measurements apply to the means or methodologies we use to professionalize how your company interacts with media, or to increase your organization’s share of voice in a competitive, crowded channel. The PSB manufacturing team builds results-oriented strategic plans using PSB’s proprietary Communicating For Action(SM) methodology. And the team routinely tracks and monitors more than 200 industrial trade publications. Smooth working relationships with hundreds of individual editors is testimony to experience in aligning the needs of technology-based clients and understanding what stories are appropriate to hit the target.

From small OEM start-ups to Fortune 100 industrial leaders, we know manufacturers. We know manufacturing. And we know how to build and send messages that move your bottom line.

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