Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Consumer action—the ultimate goal of marketing communications — does not happen without smart thinking. More than ever, you need to capture your audience’s attention by strategically planning your communications, carefully crafting your messages and deploying effective tactics that do more than just get your name "out there." In short, what you need is marketing expertise that compels consumers to move from awareness to action.

The PSB style of consumer public relations and marketing communications begins by honing in on your end-strategy. What knowledge do you wish to convey? What behavior do you want to occur? By utilizing the time-tested expertise of our multi-disciplinary communication experts, we’ll build an integrated communications plan that meets your objectives.

For example, if publicity is your goal, we’ll combine the resources of our consumer specialty with PSB’s media relations specialty. And since many influential media are located in New York City, we’ll deploy our New York office staff to spearhead your efforts with national and international media. By tapping the talents of multiple PSB professionals, you’ll receive maximum return for your marketing expenditure.

You’ll find that PSB’s consumer-area services are as varied as your needs. They include:

Ongoing product publicity

Media tours and spokesperson programs

Consumer and opinion research

Sales promotions and meetings

New store openings and special events

Brand and positioning development

Crisis planning and product recalls

Trade show programs

New product launches

One-to-one marketing

Internet communications

Overall strategy development.

Create product awareness. Stimulate trial. Motivate purchase. Through PSB, you’ll find that our strategic communications counsel not only leads to greater mind-share of your product, but to concrete results.

Case Studies