The range and scale of issues decided in the court of public opinion is staggering. If an organization’s present and future success depends on winning public support and influencing public policy, then Padilla Speer Beardsley's experienced public affairs team is a valuable asset.

How do we do it?

Combining cutting-edge research techniques with a wealth of public affairs experience, PSB systematically identifies the attitudes and messages most likely to determine the outcome of controversial issues, then helps clients use that knowledge to win the support of voters, regulators and policymakers. In particular, our public affairs work has focused on five areas:

Utility and Deregulation Issues — We know how to address the complicated challenges resulting from deregulation. PSB can help organizations retain business in markets they previously "owned" and compete for business in uncharted territories.

Facility Siting and Environmental Issues — Battling the "not in my backyard" foes? PSB has developed successful strategies for communicating with key audiences in the toughest siting situations.

Crisis/Controversial Issues — PSB can help manage controversial issues to contain or avert a "front-page" crisis.

Lobbying Support and Government Relations — Make the most of your lobbying and government relations efforts with effective, strategic communications support.

Community Relations — Build trust and loyalty with your employees, neighbors, influencers and other important audiences with solid community relations programs.

What makes us different?

Our research and the ability to use it to craft the right messages and implement effective strategies to impact public opinion is what separates us from the competition. Beyond that, PSB offers a team of experts with a broad range of experiences and a proven process to assess public opinion. This process incorporates assessment, formal research, message development, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation to ensure a successful campaign.

Case Studies

Since early 1996, PSB has provided a wide variety of public affairs services to Alliance Pipeline. Their product has been of consistently high quality, diligently delivered with enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. They have met my every challenge with unique and cost- effective solutions. I highly recommend this outstanding team.

Jay M. Godfrey
Manager, Public Affairs
Alliance Pipeline