What Investors Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Communicating with investors is an exacting business. The absence of timely and accurate information on a company’s current performance and future plans breeds uncertainty and volatility. At PSB, we understand the importance of establishing clear expectations and avoiding surprises, and we use that knowledge to help our clients communicate effectively to current and potential investors.

As a market leader, PSB’s corporate and investor relations team is fortified with senior leaders who provide strategic communications counsel for executives facing initial public offerings or publicly held veterans. With a presence on the Street in New York City, we’re exceptionally well-versed in helping emerging public companies understand disclosure requirements and professionalize their communications to the investment community. That includes:

Crafting public disclosures

Developing an IR Web presence

Broadening shareholder bases via targeting

Writing, designing and producing award-winning annual reports

Developing investor presentations

Managing road shows

Taking steps to add analyst coverage

Arranging significant media interviews

As a market leader, PSB produces about 25 annual reports a year and counsels more than 40 publicly held clients on disclosure issues and marketing programs. Our full-service communications approach provides a wealth of in-house resources to provide one-stop shopping beyond investor relations, including research, employee communications, marketing communications, creative services and online marketing communication.

Case Studies

"The Critical Role of Investor Relations," by Marian Briggs, Senior Vice President*

* Excerpt from: Inside the Minds: Open C-Suite Doors, Communication Kyes From the Lumin Collaborative

"We engaged PSB after our IPO to assist us in establishing an investor relations function. They have done a very good job, helping us develop consistent key messages for current and prospective investors. We now are working with them in marketing communications, as well. Our PSB team has impressed me with their knowledge and desire to learn more about our business."

Steve Hathaway
SurModics, Inc.