Attracting New Customers for Vuepoint With Innovative Push/Pull MarCom

Vuepoint, an online learning system for improving sales force effectiveness, needed to attract new customers. Cold-calling, limited advertising and traditional sales efforts formed the majority of their prospecting.

Padilla Speer Beardsley worked with Vuepoint to establish a “push/pull” marketing paradigm. “Push” focused on proactive initiatives, including byline articles, case studies and thought leadership, that articulated Vuepoint’s messaging and value proposition to the marketplace. “Pull” incorporated a Web-based lead generation strategy that consisted of microsites designed to capture visitors looking for solutions to their distribution problems. The microsite could be accessed through search engine marketing (paid and organic) that could attract visitors looking for generic terms rather than Vuepoint’s name brand.

Twenty qualified leads were generated in the first month at far less expense than the cost-per-lead via more traditional advertising methods. By contrast, the original Vuepoint corporate site had generated 1-2 leads per month.

The push/pull paradigm did more than create qualified leads – it provided linkage to tie Vuepoint’s identity to current market interest and provided vision on what the market is looking for. The information provided by the microsite was woven into public relations, marketing and sales efforts, creating increased visibility to attract shoppers and decision-makers. Equally important, key word subjects were continually adjusted to keep messaging up to speed with market changes.