How do you charge for your services?
The bottom line at PSB is simple: clients control their money. We approach billing from a "no surprises" perspective. We want clients to be satisfied with the value delivered. Many clients prefer a billable hour system, working against a predetermined budget. Others prefer straight project billings. For emerging companies we develop a mutually beneficial retainer to keep both parties on task.

Do you have in-house creative and Web design?
Yes, we have a full design/creative team that develops branding, print design, Web design/development and e-marketing solutions for clients.

What are your capabilities overseas?
PSB is a founding member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, representing more than 100 firms in 35 nations. We've developed first-name relationships with the strongest Worldcom partners, so that clients can have savvy advocates in the markets most important to them. Those relationships yielded more partnering this past year than ever before.

Will there be a specific person in charge of my account?
PSB clients get account teams built to serve their specific needs. There will be a day-to-day contact person, and a core team whose members will serve as your voice to the outside world and the firm.

How do you measure results?
Great question. We work very hard to make sure our clients know exactly what they are trying to accomplish. That, above all else, helps communication investments pay off. And when it makes sense, we'll implement targeted research strategies to actually measure whether or not the investment paid off. Our mantra is "begin with the end in mind."