The S.M.E.R.F.

Padilla Speer Beardsley's Social Media Elite Response Force was formed a couple years ago by some wannabe-smarter leaders here at Padilla who knew we couldn't possibly know everything about social media, much less catch up to the 20-somethings who live it (and work here). So we decided to tap their brains and lifestyles:

1) to have them share what's they've learned by living social media,

2) to keep them thinking about how it affects their jobs and clients, and

3) to compel them to inject that thinking in their practice areas (Healthcare, IR, Consumer, Technology, Manufacturing, Ag, etc.).

The SMERFs work side-by-hide with Padilla Gorilla, our interactive primates. If you have a social media issue or want to pursue an opportunity, we regularly scramble the SMERFs for brainstorms or happy hour or both (which we call a brain pour). What are you waiting for? As we always say, the conversation will go on with or without you.

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