Celebrating Minnesota’s most energy-efficient building

The 160-foot-tall wind turbine and the four-foot-long organic cake were just the outward signs of a sustainability milestone.

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| Media Relations

What can we say that you haven’t heard from another strategic communications firm that is deep in media relations and publicity? That we maintain deep media relationships – national, international and trade media included? Good news, but expected.

That we have the expertise and resources to support multiple, diverse client assignments at any time? Comes with being a major firm.

How about our New York office, for added coverage in the nation’s media capital? Also goes without saying. It’s crucial.

Here’s the one you haven’t heard. We know our best publicity work is still ahead. Because the PR landscape is changing daily. Traditional media? It still offers critical mass.

But the new Internet-driven, instant-reach and narrow-cast access to key targets? It means our best work has just begun.


We've put together an online directory of Twin Cities media to help business communicators navigate "who's who" and "who's where" in the local media. Please contact Paul Omodt or Tracy Carlson to obtain a log-in and password for our directory.

Creative and Interactive

We help companies express their distinct personalities through memorable print, video and online communications.
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