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The Internet has created a new social universe, filled with an expanding array of virtual communities where people share information, opinions and experiences. Smart companies are joining the conversations, recognizing that social media can give them a competitive edge – reducing their advertising costs and helping them out-maneuver companies with larger budgets.

With our Social Shift A4 process, Padilla helping clients not only develop their social media strategy, but helps ready their organization for the necessary cultural and functional change it creates.

The phases include:

  • Assessment – Tuning in and taking stock of the client's social media landscape
  • Activation – Turning on the organization's readiness
  • Action – Engaging employees with participation strategies
  • Amplification – Optimizing the energy and volume of the client's social-outreach efforts

In addition to the Social Shift A4 process, Padilla stands ready with its Social Media Elite Response Force (SMERF), a cross-functional team of social-savvy individuals. These staff members possess hands-on experience in monitoring social media, identifying opportunities to engage, launching online events and contests, creating campaigns, and building ambassador programs.

Creative and Interactive

We help companies express their distinct personalities through memorable print, video and online communications.
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