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Padilla Speer Beardsley secured a wide range of significant national coverage, including a feature segment for Coppertone on NBC's "Today" show.

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IBM's Watson Not So Elementary


Client: Planet Data Solutions

In order for something like Watson to truly add value in a business context, it needs to be programmed like any other machine. Unfortunately, not much of the data in a corporate environment is all that well managed, notes Planet Data Solutions CEO Howard Reissner.

Planet Data, which specializes in data discovery, has a lot of experience with data management issues. Not only will something like Watson first require all the relevant data for an application to be collected, it then has to be stored, cleansed, formatted and then extracted into a metadata server. This is one of those famous IT tasks that is a lot easier said than done, notes Reissner.

THE MEDICINE SHOW: The Most Innovative Countries In Biology And Medicine


Client: Elsevier

To delve into this a little bit, I decided to go to SciVal Analytics, a consulting group at the giant publisher Elsevier that has access to a database called Scopus, which contains more than 18,000 scientific journals — just about the entire scientific publishing universe. They ran three analyses for me: which countries produce the most publications in biology and medicine, which are tops in information technology, and which do the most in clean technology. I’m publishing the biology and medicine data today. Come back tomorrow for a look information tech, and Friday for clean tech. I’ll also wrap up what I’ve learned from the data dump.

Low Tax Rate Outweighs Benefit Of Cut To Bailout Interest Rate -Irish Official


Client: IDA Ireland

But on Tuesday, Barry O'Leary, chief executive of IDA Ireland, suggested Ireland won't compromise easily on the matter.

Cutting the cost of repaying the bailout loans "would be very, very welcome," O'Leary said in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal. But at the same time, it was "in Europe's interest" for Ireland to be able to attract foreign companies through its low tax rate, he said, because it would help support Ireland's economy and make it easier for the country to repay its debt.

Ousted 'Idol' Still a Winner


Client: BraunAbility

But, it was the back story about his fiancee, Juliana Ramos, being in a wheel chair since a 2009 car accident that made judge Jennifer Lopez cry when Medina didn't make the final cut.

It also prompted BraunAbility and MobilityWorks to donate a customized Dodge Grand Caravan to Ramos' family.

Richest Investors Come Back to Big-Cap Stocks in Hunt for Yield


Client: Lenox Advisors

Municipal bonds may hold more appeal for contrarian investors than large-cap stocks, according to David Carter, chief investment officer of New York-based Lenox Advisors, which manages $1.5 billion.

How to Stay Safe in the Sun


Client: Coppertone

The great thing about sunscreen is the companies are always looking to improve their product. For example, Coppertone’s sweatproof Coppertone Sport with Replenishing Antioxidants is especially useful for physical activity. This product won’t sting your eyes and you can pick the protection (lotions SPF 30, 50, 70+ and 100+ as well as continuous sprays SPF 30, 50, 70+ and 100+). The Coppertone Sport Carbiners which easily clasp to jackets or bags for easy toting.

What’s in your wallet? Likely not enough
Commentary: America Saves Week gets weak reception


Client: Allianz Life

It’s not a surprise that more than half of Americans aged 44-54 feel unprepared for retirement, according to Allianz Life’s just-released “Reclaiming the Future” study. Nor is it a surprise that nearly two-thirds of Americans over the age of 44 fear outliving their assets more than they fear dying itself.

New Yorkers spend more than the average American for Valentine's Day gifts: study


Client: American Express

In general, New Yorkers are outspending the average American. The average expenditure locally is $195 vs. an average of $181 nationally, according to a survey conducted last month by American Express.




Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to splurge


Client: American Express

“In January we asked the entire population if they felt optimistic or frugal or frightened as they were going into this new year, and what we’ve seen is young professionals definitely feel a bit more optimistic about the economy,” says Mona Hamouly, public affairs manager with American Express. “Perhaps that’s what drives them to be willing to spend a little bit more.”


Commentary: A penny-pinching offer for Silicon Valley


Client: IDA Ireland

The island nation, having endured invasions, famine, uprisings, civil war, occupation, poverty, boom and bust, is now trying to climb out of a major economic crisis. But O’Leary, chief executive of Ireland’s Investment and Development Agency, or IDA Ireland, wants tech and health-care companies to know that Ireland’s internal economic woes should not stop them from opening offices or plants there. Instead, he says, companies can benefit from lower operating costs.


Obama’s spending plan is investors’ cue


Client: Lenox Advisors

David Carter, chief investment officer of Lenox Advisors, suggested investors might want to approach investing in clean- and alternative-energy companies as if they were venture capitalists. There is a lot of technology and business risk associated with the companies in this sector, he said. “You should invest in ETFs because many [companies] will fail and one or two will succeed and we don’t know which ones will work out,” he said.




Debt Threat 





A new study shows that foreign direct investment is generating more jobs per capita in Ireland than any other country, with Barry O'Leary, IDA Ireland CEO



 (NECN) - In Ireland, the parliament is in the midst of two days of debate on budget cuts to bring down the national debt: 15 billion Euros worth of cuts over four years.

The goal: To get the debt ratio to three percent of GDP by 2014. Barry O'Leary, CEO of IDA Ireland, the Irish Development Authority joins NECN with more on the Ireland's economy.


Want to invest in gold? You have options  


Client: Global Assets Management

And bear in mind that if you're investing in gold ETFs or gold stocks, you won't get protection from a catastrophic financial meltdown. "You're betting on the direction of gold prices," says Gregory Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management, a Hollywood, Fla., precious metals dealer. "You can't turn in shares of an ETF for bullion."


A Precious Metal That Trumps Gold 

Client: Global Assets Management

Greg Marshall president and CEO of Global Asset Management says palladium is a "forgotten precious metal that has done significantly better than both gold and silver."

Palladium’s performance speaks for itself: the “forgotten metal is up 34% this year compared with gold’s 20% increase. The physically backed palladium exchange-traded fund Physical Palladium Shares (PALL) which launched in January, is up 35.8% on the year.


Gold Prices Break to New Highs


Client:  Global Asset Management

Gregory Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management, a wholesale bullion and coin dealer in the U.S., says he is seeing strong buying in the U.S. and Canada in all the precious metals. "[The U.S. Mint] can't keep up with demand ... the people who are entering the markets are trying to save themselves over the destruction of paper currencies," Marshall said. The average investor is still not in the gold market which is why he sees demand building and


Interview with Amity Shlaes, co-author of Why Coolidge Matters


Client: National Notary Association

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In this hour-long special, Glenn Beck sits down with Amity Shlaes, co-author of the book Why Coolidge Matters, to talk about why President Calvin Coolidge is important and should be remembered in the present day.


Working together to discover information
By Sian Harris
August/September 2010

Client: Elsevier

Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform is now 10 years old. We ask Rafael Sidi, the company's VP of product development, how things have changed over that time and what the future holds.


Braun Corporation Releases Key Insights from Symposium on Americans with Disabilities


Client: The Braun Corporation

WINAMAC, Ind., July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Braun Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of wheelchair-accessible vans, ramps and wheelchair lifts, today published key insights from a symposium hosted recently in Washington, D.C., titled "ADA 20/20: Looking Back, Looking Forward on Mobility." In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the panel of key thought leaders from government, medicine, academia and business exchanged insights on current thinking around future mobility needs for Americans with disabilities.
The event was co-sponsored by Braun and The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), which represents approximately 39,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and occupational therapy students.


IDA Ireland's Rocky Mountain High




Client: IDA Ireland


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Host Becky Quick of CNBC's Squawk Box interviews IDA Ireland's CEO Barry O'Leary in Aspen at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference.


Apps That Save You From Sunburn


Roy Furchgott




Client: Coppertone


This app lets you look up the U.V. index for your location, but it seems to get it wrong -- it has my location at zero, where the other apps have it at closer to 9. This app has you set up a "Suncare Profile," which basically leads to advertising for Coppertone products. On the plus side, they do offer coupons with their ads. I don't think any of the advice in the tips section, such as warning to reapply sunscreen after swimming, sweating or toweling off, will astonish anyone. It does have a reapplication reminder, which is a timer set for 80 minutes if you were swimming or sweating, and 120 minutes if you're not. Although you can adjust the timer to alert you earlier, you could accomplish the same thing with the phone's alarm clock.


Apps tell you to reapply sunscreen




Client: Coppertone


Offers local UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen reapplication reminders, individualized product recommendations, coupons, sun protection tips.


Rising Above the Recession




Client: BraunAbility


BraunAbility, which manufactures wheelchair lifts and converts vans and minivans for wheelchair accessibiilty, had the right strategies in place to overcome one of the worst global economic downturns in history. While sales dropped off slightly in 2009, the company improved its operating margin by 21% from the previous year and is forecasting "near double-digit" revenue growth for 2010, according to BraunAbility President Nick Gutwein.


Ireland Takes Steps to Turn Economy Around




Client: IDA Ireland


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Ireland has stepped out of the recession and the key to growth is bringing business from around the world.

That is where Barry O'Leary as CEO of the Industrial Development agency comes in ...


Slather up sun care using new app for iPhone




Client: Coppertone


Coppertone's "MyUV Alert" app uses Apple's new iOS4 operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch to provide the following personalized information and alerts, according to the company...  


Who are the world's most avid travelers?




Client: GfK Association


And the nationality least likely to take a vacation? Bulgarians, according to the survey. It was conducted by the market research firm, GfK Association, which queried 16,364 people about their vacation plans and habits. 


Can the Celtic Tiger Regain Its Stripes?




Client: IDA Ireland


Barry O'Leary, chief executive of IDA Ireland, which concentrates on encouraging direct foreign investment in the country, is bullish on Ireland's growth prospects -- and quick to reject the notion that it could be the next Greece.
"We have a very, very strong representation of foreign direct investment, particularly from U.S. corporations. They're coming here because of the talent, because of the tax, the technology capability, the strong track record and the demographics of the population in terms of future growth. We have, by European standards, a very, very young population," O'Leary said. "In some of the other countries, you're talking about people retiring in their mid-50s."


Sun-Kissed or Sunburned?


A Sun-Lover Sees Bright Side, Mood Boost, Vitamin D




Client: Coppertone


And it's not just the sun that's causing problems, they said. Tanning parlors emit UVA rays far more intensely. "Not a month goes by when I don't see someone in their 20s with skin cancer," said David Leffell, a professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. "Invariably they've been to tanning parlors and they are consumed by guilt."


Smoothing the Way


by Tanya Mohn




Client: BraunAbility


Nick Gutwein, president of BraunAbility, a company that converts vans to be accessible, said it was possible to "fly into many cities across the country and easily rent a wheelchair-accessible vehicle." But, he added, "you couldn't do that two or three years ago." Most of the company's network of 208 rental dealers across the country provide rentals.


Consumers Changing Spending Habits




Client: GfK Custom Research


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Look after the cents


Are Americans naturally spendthrift?




Client: GfK Roper


GfK Roper, a consultancy specialising in consumer behaviour, notes that in every recession since 1981 American consumers cut back on going out to eat and play and on holidays.


Researchers Look to a Mobile Future
GfK survey also foresees more attention to social media as phone surveys fade

Client: GfK Custom Research


As marketers clamor for useful data, change is coming in the profession that supplies much of it. Released last week at an Advertising Research Foundation conference in New York, a survey of research professionals by GfK Custom Research North America reveals ways in which these people see marketing/advertising research evolving in this decade.


Ireland's economic woes leave Emerald Isle blue




Client: IDA Ireland


After declining by three percent in 2008, Irish GDP plummeted 7.5 percent last year, and it will likely drop one percent in the first half of 2010, said Barry O'Leary, chief executive officer of Ireland's Investment and Development Agency, which seeks out foreign investment.


Minivans add an extra set of wheels for wheelchair users




Client: BraunAbility


The market for wheelchair accessible minivans isn't exactly something most people think about until they or a loved one use a wheelchair. Then you think about it. A lot.

A few companies have are cutting an interesting market segment out for themselves with handicapped-accessible minivans. One of them is BruanAbility, which converts Toyota Sienna minivans to accomodate wheelchairs with a side ramp.


Tablet wars: Google looks to take on Apple iPad




Client: GfK Group


"Applications are what will help tailor the tablet to your use and make it relevant," said David Krajicek, managing director of market research firm GfK Technology. "If we're going to have tablet mania, Apple can use Safari and Google will try to convince everyone else to use Chrome."


Obama's $30 Billion Pledge: What's In It for You?




Client: Guidon Performance Solutions


Ron Wince is also not reacting the way the White House likely hoped. Wince is the president and CEO of Guidon Performance Solutions, a management consulting firm that works with banks to improve operational efficiency.


The State of Health Reform




Client: Guidon


Hospital consultant Ron Wince, of Guidon Performance Solutions in Phoenix, says President Obama should rally around the least controversial, core parts of the bill and force a vote...

We'll see what comes out of the State of the Union but hopefully health reform is not dead. It's just altered.


Winners and Losers of Health Reform




Client: Guidon Performance Solutions


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Tech Talk




Client: GfK Custom Research


David Krajicek of GfK Custom Research North America observes tech trends for the year coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and the Times reporter Jenna Wortham discusses apps for simple cellphones.

By Alix Steel


"No market goes straight up or straight down" said Greg Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management. "[Gold will] correct ... but the corrections we've seen of late always bring more buyers into the market."


Tuesday's correction was no exception for the spot market. Investors, those who might be buying gold for the long term, still bought the physical metal taking advantage of any price dips under 400 On the Comex



Clients in the News

Hospital consultant Ron Wince, of Guidon Performance Solutions in Phoenix, says President Obama should rally around the least controversial, core parts of the bill and force a vote...
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