Tennant Company: turning water into profits

Tennant Company was ready to announce the launch of a product that could potentially revolutionize the cleaning industry — ec-H2O. This breakthrough technology electrically activated plain tap water, making it behave like a powerful detergent without any added chemicals. Tennant turned to Padilla Speer Beardsley to tell its innovation story to the investment community.

Padilla built a targeted campaign aimed at key analysts and investors to reposition Tennant as an environmental cleaning solutions company. This campaign validated the company's commitment to research and development, and strengthened the investment community's view of Tennant.

Following the launch of ec-H2O, analysts praised Tennant for its "exciting new technology" and the company gained two new equity analysts. The innovation garnered major media attention — The Wall Street Journal wrote that Tennant outsmarted its competitors and R&D; Magazine named ec-H2O as one of the 100 most technologically significant products in 2008, giving Tennant a prestigious R&D; 100 award. ec-H2O became Tennant's first product ever to pre-sell before it was available to customers.

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