MSP: Parking old assumptions and growing revenue

The opening of the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport's new parking ramp coincided with an unfortunate downturn in the global economy, accompanied by a subsequent decrease in overall air travel. Driving traffic to the new ramp would prove a challenge, but MSP knew its marketing agency, Padilla Speer Beardsley, was up to the task.

Padilla conducted research to gather insight from travelers who currently park at off-airport facilities to find out the factors people consider in choosing their spots, as well as identify the factors that might make them switch to MSP's new ramp. The research provided key insights about customers, most importantly that they are price-conscious but want the convenience of parking as close to the airport as possible

The result: MSP Value Parking, priced to compete with lower cost off-site lots. To introduce the program to travelers, Padilla relied on a wide range of marketing initiatives, including radio advertising, a complimentary launch-day breakfast, signage around the airport and a public service announcement on the CNN Airport Network that runs on multiple video screens throughout the terminal.

The program quickly took off — average daily traffic in the new ramp grew from 100 vehicles to between 200 and 400, with revenue improving 50 percent at a time when overall passenger traffic was flat or slightly declining.

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