Building a strong core brand for HealthFitness

Health Fitness Corporation helps companies keep their employees healthy through a variety of services. It provides education, screening, and health and fitness services on-site, by phone and over the Web. The company also helps employers coordinate and manage a broad menu of health care services and benefits.

When the company realized that customer confusion about its brand and multiple offerings was limiting its ability to grow and compete, Health Fitness turned to our Creative Group for a wide-ranging branding initiative. The first phase included a brand analysis and stakeholder survey, an audit of communications materials, and a competitive audit of peer communications and brand positions.

The results showed that while key prospects and industry leaders were somewhat unsure of the company's overall capabilities, many said they admired its ability to engage and motivate employees through its expert, personable and dedicated staff.

Our Creative Group built a strong master brand around a renamed corporate entity — HealthFitness — and consolidated the company's programs under that single dominant name. We developed the brand architecture and identity, crafting the new HealthFitness word mark, logotype and color palette.

With growing recognition of its integrated capabilities, the company's RFP rate for integrated services has soared, climbing nearly 200 percent, followed by strong sales growth. Today, the people at HealthFitness spend far less time explaining who they are, and more time doing what they do best: Helping employees and individuals feel healthy and work well.

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