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The tiniest speck of dust can contaminate electronic microchips during the manufacturing process, even in clean rooms where workers wear full-body protective gear. If those tainted chips eventually are installed in cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, semiconductor companies can face major fallout because of product recalls.

Entegris, a global leader in helping high-tech companies ensure the purity of their materials, created a new high-tech tool — the Chambergard diffuser — to help combat microchip contamination. But the company needed communications expertise to publicize its innovation to engineers and other industry thought-leaders.

Entegris partnered with Padilla Speer Beardsley to create a technical article to educate key audiences through the trade media, thus lending third-party credibility to the product and ultimately motivating purchases. Padilla crafted the byline, which was timed to the launch of the "Chambergard" diffuser, and then focused on reaching key audiences through top-tier semiconductor trade publications.

So far, the piece has been published in four magazines, resulting in the most extensive coverage the client has received for a technical byline. Padilla also used the piece to further elevate Entegris' thought-leadership profile, arranging for a company spokesperson to present the paper at two major industry conferences.

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