Enjoys both new and old tools

Our new media guy digs old things too. Although his family of five uses six computers, their 1880s farmhouse hides them well. Bob’s no farmer but he does a lot of fixing on the property. It keeps him connected to times past.


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Bob Brin


Director, Padilla Gorilla

Bob leads Padilla Gorilla, Padilla Speer Beardsley’s wildly interactive and highly social digital team. Though natively creative, Padilla Gorilla is fiercely focused on delivering results for clients like General Mills, Jim Beam, BASF, the MSP Airport, Analysts International, JLG, and others. The group swings from Web site design and development . . . to social media . . . to search engine marketing.

Bob has played an instrumental, entrepreneurial role in the firm’s transition to an integrated communications agency with strong online and social-media capabilities. As co-developer of Padilla’s “Brand Builder” process, he also brings keen branding perspective to campaign development.

Bob has provided creative direction for integrated programs for JLG, BASF, Progresso and the National Marrow Donor Program, among others. As leader of the firm’s social-media efforts, Bob also started and manages Padilla’s Social Media Elite Response Force (SMERFs), a group focused on consumer-generated media. He also initiated Padilla’s blog “The Lead” (www.psbblog.com).

He served two tours of duty in marketing communications roles at NCR/AT&T before converting to the agency side. A highly creative and versatile writer, he has penned annual reports, ads, e-mail campaigns and his own bio.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in English from St. John’s University in Minnesota. You can find him on Twitter as eBob.

Creative and Interactive

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