Favorite candy around the office is M&M's

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The traits that define Padilla Speer Beardsley include ingenuity, integrity, outstanding service and a focus on results. But we’d also like you to know the characters behind our character.

Our employee-owners include working marathoners and mountain climbers. Musicians and anglers. Fashion designers and foodies. Deep-sea divers and foreign-film aficionados.

Here’s a by-the-numbers glimpse at the personalities of Padilla:

  • Cups of coffee consumed per day by staffers: 95
  • Most number of cups in one day by one person: 10
  • Favorite snack around the office: Chips
  • Percentage of wine lovers: 30
  • Percentage of beer lovers: 30
  • Staffers who ride their bike to work: 4
  • Staffers who ride their bike to work in the dead of winter: 1
  • Convertible drivers: 5
  • Convertible drivers who put the top down in the dead of winter: 2
  • Staffers with tattoos: 10
  • Staffers with non-public tattoos who have shown them anyway: 4
  • Staffers who wanted a tattoo but wimped out: 7
  • Languages spoken fluently: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, Pig Latin
  • Staffers who regularly read a tabloid magazine: 34
  • Staffers who hide their tabloid-reading habit from co-workers: 8
  • Favorite reality TV show around the office: Project Runway
  • Staffers who have tried out for reality TV shows: 7
  • Staffers who have a personal blog, Facebook or MySpace: 90
  • Staffers who own their homes: 75
  • Staffers who are parents: 30
  • Percentage of parents driven insane by Elmo: 23
  • Percentage of do-it-yourselfers: 47
  • Percentage of DIYers who have called in a professional to finish their projects: 50
  • Golfers: 29
  • Golfers who count every stroke: 19
  • Average number of states visited by staffers: 26
  • Highest number of states visited by one staffer: 52
  • Staffers who stayed up past midnight on New Year's Eve: 33
  • Staffers who were in bed by 12:05 a.m.: 14


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