>>>Padilla Speer Beardsley - Public Relations
Public Affairs / Issues Management

Positive reputation is a precious resource.

Whether your organization lives in the public spotlight or a major crisis puts you there, Padilla Speer Beardsley has the experience and systems to help manage your risk.

Though every risk or crisis is unique, they all share many common characteristics that you can identify and control. We help government, public and private organizations every day with issues that have become the focus of public debate or directly impact the image of the organization, either internally or externally. We've helped many leading organizations with:

Understanding and responding to employee issues
Managing environmental issues
Developing lobbying support and government relations programs
Working directly with units of government
Developing strategies for product and operational safety issues
Identifying meaningful opportunities for corporate contributions
Conveying key messages through the media

...all through targeted, focused, planned programs that begin with research and end with results.

Samples of Our Work

Municipal Takeover Referenda
Northern States Power
Hennepin County Solid Waste Education
Electronic "Town Meeting"
Lutheran Brotherhood National Youth Forum/ "Speak for Yourself"
Proponents of the Lottery Law (POLL)