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Investor Relations

Most corporations well understand marketing a product or service.

Classic product marketing techniques can be equally effective in positioning public companies with shareholders and targeted segments of the financial community.

Through strategic communications techniques, PSB helps clients achieve and maintain a fair stock price valuation, visibility to both buy and sell sides, improved trading liquidity and more efficient access to capital.

Samples of our work

Reversal of Fortune: An Acquisition (Empi)
A Fairy Tale Annual Report (Grist Mill)

Our services include

Planning an overall investor relations strategy.
Communicating before, during and after public offerings.
Expanding securities analyst coverage.
Arranging analyst, broker and portfolio manager meetings.
Managing communications of difficult or unfavorable news.
Determining and disseminating material information.
Preparing and disseminating financial releases for maximum impact.
Identifying appropriate media opportunities and pursuing them.
Coordinating financial, business and trade media tours and news conferences.
Developing editorial concepts and supervising production of annual and interim reports.
Coordinating financial, business and trade media tours and press conferences.
Preparing management presentations that achieve maximum impact.
Helping to maintain sound analyst, broker and investment banking relationships.
Providing general shareholder communications counsel.
Serving as a financial information center for client corporations with securities analysts, financial reporting services and business-financial news media.