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Business-to-Business Marketing Communications

Padilla Speer Beardsley has a lengthy record of creating and implementing successful business-to-business marketing communications programs for our clients. In other words, we not only provide services to the soft drink maker, but also to the companies that supply manufacturing systems, office automation, financial services and other resources to that soft drink maker.

Whether rolling out a new product, communicating a market position, winning the attention of industry analysts or tapping the trade media pipeline, successful business-to-business communications requires a deep knowledge of the market, an understanding of your buyers' motivations and access to the tools that reach those buyers best. Add a measure of "focused creativity" and commitment to measurable results -- and you have PSB's business-to-business team.

Samples of Our Work

Sending editors to the Academy (Allen-Bradley)
Casting a net architecture (Allen-Bradley)

Our Markets

PSB's wide range of industry knowledge lets you leapfrog typical agency start-up costs and focus the learning curve on your specific issues. Our business-to-business experience runs deep in many markets, including:

Health Care/Medical Products
Professional Services

Our Approach

Building Understanding

In this era of tight budgets and accountability, you can't afford to spend money on programs that don't effectively reach -- or relate to -- your target publics. Our approach is one of measured risk We use research to thoroughly understand what motivates the people who influence and purchase your products and services BEFORE recommending the best tools to reach them. We want to give you solutions that bring results -- not tactics that create noise.

Building Relationships

We aren't press agents, we aren't advertisers, we aren't party givers. Rather, we approach your challenge as communications consultants which means we form effective partnerships with our clients, taking time to understand the inner workings of their organizations, the nuances of their products or services, and the competition they face.

Creative, Result-Driven Solutions

We never limit ourselves to a single method of communicating with your buyers and influencers. From all tools available, we help you choose the methods that best meet the need. Then we add the creativity to help set you apart from the crowd.